What is the Gig Economy?

What is the Gig economy.  Is it a job playing bass for a band… could be.  We will explore this new economy and discover how it may benefit  You.

What is a Gig?


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noun: gig; plural noun: gigs

  1. 1. 1.

a live performance by or engagement for a musician or group playing popular or jazz music.

  •  a job, especially one that is temporary or that has an uncertain future.

“he secured his first gig as an NFL coach”


verb: gig; 3rd person present: gigs; past tense: gigged; past participle: gigged; gerund or present participle: gigging

  1. 1. 1.

perform a gig or gigs.

  • use (a piece of musical equipment) at a gig.


1920s: of unknown origin.


What is Economy?




noun: economy; plural noun: economies

  1. 1. 1.

the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

synonyms: wealth, (financial) resources; More
  • a particular system or stage of an economy.

“a free-market economy”

  1. 2. 2.

careful management of available resources.

“even heat distribution and fuel economy”

synonyms: thrift, providence, prudence, thriftiness, canniness, carefulness, care, good management, good husbandry, careful budgeting, economizing, saving, scrimping and saving, scrimping, restraint, frugality, fuel-saving, abstemiousness;

What‘s the definition of the Gig Economy?

Well I guess it’s more than just combing the definition of Gig +Economy.  Here is the definition of Gig Economy   that is found on  the website WhatIs.com:

A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

So there you have it the definition of gig economy.  Is this the way of the future in terms of employment /job opportunities?  Maybe so, it seems that all things are pointing in that direction with the advent of the internet, smartphones and all this ever evolving digital technology.

Kinda makes me feel like an old person… Not so long ago thing were a bit different.

I really think the Gig Economy is a fancy way/term used of framing the shift from permanent full-time employment to temporary/contract, on demand employment.  In today’s competitive  marketplace employers are always looking for a way to deliver better product and services quicker and as cost effectively as ever before all while increasing that bottom line$$.

They have to be able to be nimble and shift direction at a moment’s notice.  Oftentimes this may require the creation of a special project that will only be needed for a brief period of time and may require special skills that may not be available in house.   They will use the service or platform to find people to perform this Gig.

This is not a bad thing.  If you are looking for supplemental income the Gig Economy signals opportunity for you.  If you are a plumber, electrician, writer, graphic designer, coder, or have no specialized skills there is something available for you in the Gig Economy!

The good old days …. The landscape has changed!

I don’t know who will be reading this post, but I want to take you back into time, actually just a ten years.  Just ten short years ago finding a job/gig and getting money was different.  Back in those days you could go into a store, restaurant or place of business and inquire if they were hiring and drop off your resume with the person at the front desk, or even fill out an application.

You could look in the want ads in your local newspaper to find gigs.

Some of those open positions even has phone numbers listed that you could call for an interview or even fax numbers to fax over you resume.

There were job-sites on the internet at that time as well.  They worked pretty well as they do today.  A lot of these jobs were permanent full-time positions, but there was also a trend starting, which was more of a shift toward contract or temporary positions.

With this shift to contract and temporary positions new opportunities have emerged, especially for people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy the freedom to earn money on their own schedule and at their own pace.

How does the Gig Economy Job work?

There are a number of Gig type Jobsites and platforms out there in the digital world.  Depending on what skills you have there may be more opportunities for you.

There are two  Gig economy platforms I will present.


Fiverr is a place for freelancers to offer their services for hire.  There are a 100’s of skill-sets that are covered on this platform.  Here are some of the categories on the platform:

Graphics & Design

Digital Marketing

Writing & Translation

Video & Animation

Music & Audio

Programming & Tech


Fun & Lifestyle

I you have the skills you can list them on this platform with your rates etc… and buyers can contract with you to utilize skills/service.

This is how it is explained on the site at   Fiveer

Work Your Way

You bring the skill.  We’ll make earning easy.


Uber is a Gig type of economy.  Some people do Uber on a part time basis, some do it o a full time basis.  That’s the great thing about these types of Gig jobs.  You have the freedom to do what you like when you like.

Uber is a ridesharing platform where you as a driver pick up and drop of riders that have requested your services through the Uber App.  You are paid a fare for picking up and dropping off the rider, as well as tips.  Some drivers make a lot of money some make a small amount of money.  This all depends on individual effort, the area you are driving in as well as the time you willing to put in.  Drive when you want.

Uber is an app based type of gig opportunity so you will need a smartphone to download the app and access to a car or SUV and you can get rolling.

Check here for a review of the Uber opportunity.

What’s the future for you?

So there you have it a little information or overview of the Gig Economy.  It is here and looks like it is going the be for some time to come.  It may change some but I think it is the future.  One things id for sure…. you will be part of this economey at as a producer or a comsumer.  The only question is which one will you be?

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