US Government Shutdown

I thought I would share a post related to the US Government Shutdown.  Why  .. because it is affecting families all  over this country.  800,000 government workers plus all the other folks that count on them.

US Government Shutdown Job?

If you are reading this post and are affected in some way by this US Government Shutdown, all I can say is I feel for you, and I’m sorry this happened to YOU.  I can only imagine what you must be going through.  Let’s face it a job with the government is considered one of the best and secure jobs a person can get.  I wanted one but could never get past filling out that SF-171.  Whew that was a lot of work back in the day!  But kudo’s to you you got the job and now are expected to go to work without pay, and really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  You can’t really find a job another job, but you need money.  There are some ideas but they may or may not be for you.

What Job Ideas…

There have been several ideas that have been floated around about getting some money in your household during this shutdown.  I guess the idea behind them is that they are temporary, or cause you to do contract or service work or sell all your belongings.  And as such you can easily leave those jobs once the shutdown is over.  Here are a few of the ideas that have been suggested:

1. Have a garage sale – clean out your attic, basement and closets at the same time
2. Sell unwanted larger ticket items through the newspaper or online
3. Offer to watch children, walk pets or house sit
4. Turn your hobby into income
5. Tutor students, give music or sports lessons
6. Become a mystery shopper
7. Drive for a Rideshare company

Which Idea is RIGHT for YOU?

One of these ideas may be right for you, or maybe none of them are right for you.  Only you ca make that decision.  You know better than anyone else what is going to be best for you and your family.  I must be frank and give my honest opinion here….. What’s best is to get the US Government shutdown ended and get those checks flowing back to you and your family…ASAP! But that is not up to me.  So back to these ideas.

  • Have a garage sale – clean out your attic, basement and closets at the same time

Not a bad idea if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of.  But garage sells always bring bargain hunters that are looking to get a deal (something for next to nothing_

  • Sell unwanted larger ticket items through the newspaper or online.

This is great if you have big ticket items that you want to get rid of . Items that are of high value such as houses or cars, as well as other expensive products like furniture and appliances.

  • Offer to watch children, walk pets or house sit.

Not a bad idea if you like animals and children.

  • Turn your hobby into income.

I think this is a great idea.

Now is to the time to do this while you have time.  I know of on federal employee that is using this time to make customer drink coasters.

  • Tutor students, give music or sports lessons.

If you got these skills it can help pay some bills.  Also consider substitute teach in the local school system.

  • Become a mystery shopper.

Not sure about this one.  I don’t have or know anyone that has done this before.  But there I have been critiqued by a mystery shopper in the past, so there a opportunities out there.

  • Drive for a Rideshare company

This is a great option if you own or have access to car or SUV.  There are two major companies out there Uber and Lyft. I happen to driver for both companies an they both have their strengths and weaknesses.  I have had more success with Uber than Lyft in my area.   That’s not to say that Lyft is not a good opportunity, I make money with them, I just happen to make more with Uber.

I review on demand money opportunities on this site and give my personal opinion and reviews of these opportunities. I have reviewed Uber on this site but not Lyft.  Due to the nature of this post and the current situation you may be facing, I thought I would present ridesharing in general and provide the detailed review of Lyft for another time.

Drive for a Rideshare company… Instant Money!

I’m sure by now you may have heard of ride sharing.  It is a great way to make some extra money… a side hustle if you will.  This offers a great alternative for consumers as it is much better than taking a cab, and it offers everyday ordinary people an opportunity to get in on the action and make some extra cash.

Whenever a person needs a ride they will hail a driver via an app they have on their phone.

The app then dispatches the request to the nearest diver (YOU) and the driver accepts the dispatch.  At this point the driver clicks on the navigation button on the driver app and it puts you in route to the rider.

Once you arrive at the rider’s location, you pick up the rider, confirm their name and destination and then you start the trip. Once you get to the riders final destination, you complete the trip on the driver app and that’s it. You are ready for your next trip. Simple and Easy!

Below are links for Uber and Lyft.

UBER                                                                                 Lyft

You can get signed up to be a driver for both Rideshare companies.  It doesn’t coast you anything to sign up and you can work for both of the companies.  You are the boss you drive when you want to and for either company whenever you want.  I usually have Uber and Lyft apps on at the same time and work it from there.  Whichever App contacts me first is the one I go with.  It just depends on the day and which app is popping!

There is one more On Demand APP to consider. Wonolo

As I mentioned earlier I personally review the opportunities I present.  What that means is I have personally taken part in and actually used the app or opportunity which I review.  Wonolo is an on demand app that I have signed up with, however I have not had an opportunity to actually use it… but my niece has and she has had a good experience whit this company.  This is also free to sign up with.  You sign on to the app and it will let you know if there are any jobs available  in your area for the day or the coming weeks.  There are various jobs available it just depends.  Not an income replacer, but it will help you pick up a couple extra dollars.  Click on the Easy to get started image to below to get started

Hope This Ends Soon!

Well folks that’s it for now. I really hope this shutdown is over soon! Maybe you will try some of these ideas, or maybe you won’t, but I think this shutdown has taught all of us that we need to insulate ourselves (as much as we are able to) from these financial heart ships by saving and having a side hustle that can be there when we need it to help cushion the blow.

God bless YOU and your FAMILIES!

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