Pros and Cons of driving for Uber

Thinking about driving for Uber?   Need to check out the Pros and Cons of driving for Uber?  I will share dome of those with you from my own prospective.


Money – When you want it

You can make money with Uber.  How much is the biggest question.  The answer quite simply… it depends.  It depends on how long you are going to drive on a given day.  If you turn the Uber driver app on and leave it on you will make some money.  Typically I drive 2 or 3 days a week for approximately 4 hours. I average between $50 to $100 for that 4 hour period.  Depending on when and where you drive you can possibly make more or less.  I do this on a very, very ,very part-time basis, and I have been very hard pressed to find another opportunity that allows me to basically work or not work whenever I want to.  There are some Uber drivers that do it full-time and they do pretty well.


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**** Fun Fact:  Have you ever asked an Uber driver in person about driving for Uber, or the Pros and Cons of driving for Uber?  What did they say… “It’s OK”, “It’s Great”, “I’m going to QUIT”.  I asked this question  when I first started driving ith Uber.  Quite a few drivers told me that it sucked.  Man, am I glad I did not listen to them.  You see, I kept driving, and I would continue to see those drivers on a regular basis, driving, driving and driving.  LOL They still driving today 2 and a half years later.  They were trying to discourage me (and others) from driving so they could continue to get all the request and the money.  They did not want any competition… what  JERKS!  Forget them… I’m getting my money!

Freedom  Ain’t  that America!

This one of the top pros… FREEDOM!  You have the freedom to work whenever you want.  If you don’t want to work, then don’t the choice is yours… you are the BOSS!  Work whenever you want.  You have the freedom to spend time with your family!  Go to those ball games, plays, recitals, the movies, the concerts.  When you are done doing what you want to do, you can turn on the Uber app and get to work, if you want to…BOSS!

The Riders… A Blessing

Some of the most interesting people ride with Uber. They come from everywhere. From every corner of the globe, from all walks of life.  One ride you have a car full of researchers who are working on a cure for diabetes, next ride a car load of ACC football players, the next ride a drummer who plays with several famous rock bands!  You never know who you will pick up next.  It’s like a box of chocolates, sugar  free chocolates  if you are a diabetic!

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Every day… Something Different

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life.  Do you agree?  If you do then this is  a great reason to driver for Uber! Every day you drive will be different than the day before. Every rider you pick up will lead to a different destination.  Every rider will be different.  Never the same.  You will see places in and out of your area you may not have discovered otherwise.  New places for you to check out when you are not driving.  Heck you can turn off the app and check out those new discoveries immediately if you like.  Never boring to say the least.  Driving for Uber can be likened to the potpourri of life.

Surge Pricing… Where Low Supply and High Demand = More $$$

Uber has something called Surge Pricing… you may have heard of this.  What does this to mean?  It means  more money for YOU!  I LOVE it and you will too!  Surge Pricing happens when the demand for people looking to catch an Uber is higher that the number of Uber drivers in an area.  When this goes into effect you as a driver will receive more money over and above the normal rate charged.  In the screenshot below is an example of what the driver app looks like when there is a Surge.  The are will be highlighted in red and the number indicate the level of the surge. In this case the surge is at 1.6 so what that means is a trip that would normally pay you 10 will now pay 16 (1.6 x 10).  How high can the surge rate go?  I’m not really sure.  How high have is seen it go? I have seen it as hg as 4.0, but I have heard other drivers have experienced rates that are even higher than that.  That’s a lot of extra money!

Uber Surge Pricing


Riders…. A Curse

You may have noticed that I have listed “Riders” as a Pro and now listing them as a Con!  What the heck is going on here?  Well Uber is really a people business, and as such each rider you pick up has the potential to be a blessing or a curse.  Now in my experience most of my riders have been a blessing from a personal/personality stand point.  That’s not to say that some were not different or a little odd, but to be fair they may have felt the same way about me.  You may pick up riders that may be a tad bit drunk and may be talking crazy and smelling like a brewery.  You may pick up some passengers that have a foul body order.  You may pick up passengers that may smell like a pack of cigarettes.  You may pick up riders that may be dirty.  You never know who your next rider may be.  This is the uncertainty, that’s the con or curse if you will.

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Wear and Tear on your Vehicle

You will be driving your own vehicle and as such you will have wear and tear on you vehicle.  Tires, oil changes, regular maintenance service. Uber does not pay for these things… You do.  Whether you are driving for Uber or not you will have these expenses anyway.  It’s your business so you are doing to have business expenses associated with your business (Uber or any business).  Uber offers discounts to drivers which can help cushion the cost of some of these expenses.

Make a Decision

I have more Pros than Con’s in this post, and that is based my own personal experience.  When I decided to sign up I did the same thing you are doing.  I read some articles and stuff.  Some were negative and some were positive.  I decided to do because it did not cost me any money to get started and if I did not like it I could quit.  Well 2 plus year latter I’m still driving!  Still undecided… make a decision tree with Pro’s on the left and Con’s on the right.  If the Pro’s are more that the Con’s get started and sign up now.  If the Cons are more that the Pros maybe this is not for you.  Either way is fine the decision is yours.

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  1. This lays out everything anyone would want to know about driving for uber. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to be very honest about the pros and cons of it – I feel very well informed now! I’ve thought about doing it myself, but my main thing is that I don’t know how much I would like to drive more in my very trafficy city. Lots to think about!

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