Looking for Driving Uber reviews?

Looking for Driving Uber reviews?

Look no further. I have been driving with Uber for the past 2 plus years and I have enjoyed it thus far! I will share some of my experiences driving with Uber. Below is a current screenshot of my ratings, trips and years driving for Uber.

Money making potential.

My driving Uber reviews…money. I drive for Uber
and have found Uber to be a great source of secondary income. I only work it part time on my schedule, which is great since my schedule at my full time job is crazy. I work as much or as little as I want. Depending on where you drive/ live you can possibly make that reported claim of $1500 per week. It will require you to drive during the peak hours which are normally late nights on  Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t need $1500 per week, but I have driven during these late night hours a time or two and I always do pretty well. I once made$90 in 3 hours. I typically drive 2 to 5 hours when I drive and typically make from $60 to $130 during that time period. I do not drive in an ultra-busy market… I’m in North Carolina. So you can make money in just about any market.

How hard is driving for Uber….. So easy an 80 year old can do it!

If you can use a smartphone and follow directions you can do Uber. I have found the Uber app to be easy to install and operate. I have had no issues with it since I have been driving with Uber. They are constantly improving the app. They have improved the navigation options, the voice options, safety options, help options…. Like I said they continue to improve the app to make it better for you the driver. The app works on IOS or Android smartphones. I have a friend that recently used Uber and his Uber driver was 80 years old. Wow… you can do this! I have met drivers from all walks of life from a software developers, to retirees, to teachers, college students.. like I said from all walks of life. The first couple of times I drove for Uber I was a little nervous, but after that in became easy as pie. Hey Uber also offers drivers discounts on phone plans as well.

Uber phone plan discounts for drivers
AT&T 22% off eligible service plans.
Verizon 15% off qualifying plans and features. 25% off select accessories.

What are the Riders like?

The riders are just ordinary everyday people that need to get to a destination. The destination could be anywhere: home, church, school, airport, train station, bar, restaurant……. anywhere. I have had only good experiences with riders. That’s no to say that they were all wonderful, but I’m just a real laid back kind of person, so not much bothers me. I’m getting money so that’s what I tend to focus on. I once picked up a rider that had a little too much to drink, and was passed out the entire time. I have had other riders that were drunk and stayed awake the entire time and I had no issues what so ever. I guess I have been lucky when it comes to inebriated riders…. No puking so far. If it does happen Uber will pay you to have your car professionally cleaned. I’ve picked up roadies for AC/DC, Kanye West and others. So many interesting stories on that ride. I’ve picked up Ceo’s and other Titans of industry, and had an opportunity to pick their brains about various topics while they were on the ride.

Gas maintenance and repair bills.

Let’s be clear when you drive for Uber you are truly in business for yourself. Yes you will have to pay for your own gas and yes you will have to pay for your own maintenance. But you have to pay for that anyway if you drive a car for Uber or not. The more you miles you put on your car the sooner you will have to change tires, do oil changes etc… You will have business expenses associated with your Uber business and you may be able to write these off come tax time. Not to mention the discounts available to you as an Uber Driver:

Uber auto maintenance discounts for drivers
AutoZone 10% off goods purchased (excluding gift cards, core charges, outside buys, taxes, and Loan-a-Tool fees)
Firestone 15% off products and services (except tires)

Tires at 10% over store cost

Safelite AutoGlass $10 off glass repair | $25 off glass replacement | Free mobile serv

Save up to $50 on windshield/door glass repair with Safelite

Sears Auto Center 50% off oil changes

30% back on all service labor

How safe is it to drive for Uber?

I am writing this diving for Uber review from my own personal experience, so I will speak to that in regards to my safety. I have yet to find myself in a situation where I felt concerned for my safety. Now with that said… there are other drivers that may have situations when it comes to their safety. You have to be smart about it. Most times you will be familiar with the sketchy areas of your city. With Uber, you do not have to accept every request that comes in. If you see that the request is for an area that you know to be unsafe, or one that you are uncomfortable with…. Do not except the trip. There are safety concerns we all face whether we drive for Uber or work at the post office or McDonalds. You have to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Uber has built in a Safety Toolkit on the Uber driver app that help with driver safety. There is 911 Assistance and Share Trip options. I have presented screenshots from my driver app better illustrate these features.

911 Assistance

Allows you to connect to 911 directly through the driver App and automatically provides the 911 dispatcher with your location.

Share Trip

This feature allows you share your location with whomever you chose while you are on a trip.  I always share this with my wife!  She loves this feature, it gives her peace of mind and she can track the progress of my trip. This is an AWESOME feature!


How Much Money to get STARTED?

There is no cost to get started.  You drive as much as you want or as little as you want…. Or not at all.  Signup today and take a trip and see how you like it.  If you love it keep driving….. if you hate it no biggie.  To sign up to drive for Uber click on the link below.

Drive With UBER!

Got Questions?

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