GrubHub Delivery Jobs – What the Heck is that.

So you want to know about Grubhub delivery jobs.

The day in the life of a Grubhub delivery driver

So you want to know what the day in the life of a Grubhub delivery driver is like.  Like everything else…. good and bad, happy and sad sunshine and rain. I have been a Grubhub driver for about a year and a half and I have been very happy with the results I have achieved.  When you consider that this is an on demand type of opportunity and you do it when you want.

Now I must tell you that if you are looking to get rich quick and make a million dollars stop reading right now.. That ain’t going to happen… it’s just not. 

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income you can do it with Grubhub.  I can’t give you any income guarantee’s, but I can share with you some of the income I have made with Grubhub in my area which is the Durham Chapel Hill NC area.


What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is a restaurant delivery service that has over 85,000 restaurants that they provide their delivery service to throughout the United States,  Grubhub contracts with individuals to be Grubhub delivery drivers  that pick up the restaurant  takeout orders and deliver them to the dinner (customer).

There are several different ways that you can deliver for Grubhub. You can use a car, van, SUV, scooter, motorcycle, and bike.  Restrictions apply for some of these depending on the area that you are located in. Those details can be found at the Grubhub website.

Once you approved to be a Grubhub Delivery driver, you will receive Grubhub gear which consist of a  tee shirt a polo type shirt, a hat, a large insulated delivery bag, and a small insulated delivery bag.



How do I get the MONEY?

How do you get paid?  There is a delivery fee and a mileage fee that you will receive on every deliver.  The dinners also have the ability/option to also tip you for the delivery.  All of these  are paid to you and you keep 100% of your tips.   

***Sidebar – I really did not know keeping 100% of your tips was a big deal…. but I have  since learned that some delivery drivers that work with restaurants have to split their tips with the restaurant … Advantage Grubhub.

All of these transactions take place inside the Grubhub App.  You don’t have to place the order or pay for the order… just pick up the order and deliver it. 

***Bonus alert…. Sometimes dinners will tip in addition to that which is on the App you in cash when you arrive to deliver their food!

There have been some reports/claims of drivers making up to $20 per hour.  I do think this is possible as I have made $18 per hour on several occasions.  Very rarely have I ever made less than $15 per hour.


How Do You Schedule Work?

There are two ways you can schedule work with Grubhub.

1. Turn on the App

You can simple turn on the App set you status to Ready to Deliver, and wait for offers to come in.  There are no guarantees with this method, however the App has a feature that lets you know if your area is busy and it will let you know if you are likely to receive any offers.

2. Schedule Blocks

Grub hub allows you to schedule blocks of time that you want to deliver in.  This is probably the best way to receive offers.  Let me rephrase that… this is the best way to receive offers.  When you have a block scheduled you will receive the offers first before other drivers that are not working a scheduled block.  

You can sign up for blocks by simple turning on the app go to scheduling and tap Update schedule.  If there are any blocks that you want just click on them and that black of time is yours!

Here is another advantage to working scheduled blocks…

Grubhub will guarantee you $10 per hour as long as you accept and deliver every offer you receive. 

If you don’t get any offers during your scheduled block (1 hour)you will get $10 for that hour.  There are other stipulations and rules etc… but it is a great benefit.

This  let’s you know  what you will earn at a minimum during your scheduled time.  If you earn more than that $10 per hour that is great because you get to keep all of that!    

This is great as I have not found any other on demand type opportunity that will guarantee you anything.  This really works out if it is really slow in your region on particular day that you have scheduled. 


Getting 1st access to block scheduling.

New blocks come out every week on 3 days Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10 AM.  These blocks are for the next week.  This gives you an opportunity to plan out you week according to your schedule and how much or little you want to work for that particular week.

The days that you can sign up are based on your Program Level.  The levels are Premier, Pro, and Partner.

Premier Drivers get first access to the scheduled blocks on Thursday at 10AM

Pro Drivers get access to the scheduled blocks on Friday at 10AM

Partner Drivers get access to the scheduled blocks on Saturday at 10AM

How do Program Levels Get Assigned?

How it works.

Levels are updated weekly based on your delivery stats over the last 30 days. If you’re a new driver, you’ll receive a level after your 20th completed order. In order to earn a program level you must have activity history in each stat category.

The stats.

Attendance rate – The percent of blocks you schedule that you attend.

Acceptance rate – The percent of offers that you accept.

Block drop rate – The percent of blocks you schedule, but drop before or during the block.

100% Attendance rate


95%+ Order acceptance rate


< 10% Block drop rate


1st access to new blocks


Catering order eligible*


Access to referral programs



100% Attendance rate


85%+ Order Acceptance rate


< 20% Block Drop Rate


2nd access to new blocks


Catering order eligible*


Access to referral programs



All other drivers







3rd access to new blocks


Motivation…. Is this for YOU?

Is this the type of On demand money you are looking for?  If so give it a try, if not perhaps some of the other opportunities I have reviewed may be right for you.  Perhaps you need more information or need some motivation and reassurance before you get started on your quest for more money and freedom. Below I have listed some resources that may be of use to you.

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