Gig Economy Jobs List

If you have been looking for a gig economy job list you may be in luck.  I will be providing a list of gig economy jobs and the websites that you can go to and get more details.

The Gig Job

Why are you looking for a gig economy jobs list?  Are you in between jobs, do you like being independent, are you looking to supplement you income.  I’m sure you already have the answer to the question and that’s the reason you are at this site now to find out where the gig economy jobs are.

Many of these companies are app based so you will need a smartphone for the majority of these types of jobs.  Details for the requirements can be found at the various company websites found on the list.

What is a Gig Economy job?

A gig economy job is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.  Basically you are choosing when, where and what type of job (gig) you want to do, provided you meet the qualifucations.

Following is the gig economy jobs list


These are companies which contract with you to provide  rides to their customers (using you own vehicle)   This is an alternative to taking a cab.  The advantage from a consumer point of view is that the fares are typically cheaper than a taxi.  These types of rideshare   platforms have  has become very popular over the past couple years.  This offers you the opportunity to sign up with these companies and driver whenever you want, anytime you want.


Most people have heard of Uber by now.  Uber was one of the first companies to offer this type of service the public.  You can find Uber operating in most cities across threw US.  Uber is probably  the largest at this time.  In addition to ridesharing, Uber also operates Uber Eats which allows to have 2 streams of income available to you.  Uber Eats is a food delivery platform and it is also very popular.

Click here to read Driving with Uber Reviews.


Lyft is Uber’s main competition.  The platform is basically the same as it relates the rideshare concept.   Lyft does not offer a food delivery option. There are a couple features and functions that are different in the Lyft App versus the Uber App.  This is not to say one is better that the other.  It’s just competition.

The great thing about the gig economy job is you can do one or as many as you want.  So, If you like ridesharing, you ca sign up for both of them.  Signing up is free.


Food delivery, supermarket delivery, Walmart delivery, courier delivery.  These are all jobs you can find in the gig economy.

Whether it’s Tacos or couches, there are opportunities available.


Grubhub provides take out delivery service fo r over 85,000 restaurants throughout  the US. You can sign up to be a delivery driver for Grubhub.

You basically receiver you pick up/delivery orders via an App that is downloaded to you smartphone. You are paid a delivery fee and a mileage fee for each delivery. You ca also receive tips as well.  You get to keep 100% of the tips you receive.

Grubhub Inc. is a web commerce platform for ordering and delivering take-out food. Based in Chicago, as of Q1 2018 the company has 14.5 million active users and 80,000 associated restaurants across 1,700 cities in the United States.

Click here to learn more about GrubHub


DoorDash Inc. is an on-demand food delivery service.  It is similar to Grubhub.  There footprint is not as big but there is an opportunity to make money with DoorDash.  You receive your orders via your smartphone and you get delivery pay and milage pay aswell.  There are also tips that you can receive!

Click here to learn more about DoorDash


Postmates is an American logistics company that operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally.  Typically these are food deliveries and pick-ups from various retailers.  Your pay depends on the type of oick-up/delivery you are completing. This requires you to have the Postmates Fleet App downloaded and installed on your phone.

Anything, anytime, anywhere. We get it. Food, drinks and groceries available for delivery or pickup. That’s the Postmates motto on their website.

Click here to learn more about Postmates


We bring the store to your door.  Shipt  provides home delivery of groceries and deliveries from Target. They hire independent contractors called shoppers to fulfil theses orders/deliveries and they pay the shopper a fee for the shopping and or delivery.

Click here to learn more about Shipt


Instacart is building the best way for people anywhere in the world to shop for groceries.

This is similar to Shipt.  They provide gocery delivery to the customers home.  You can sign up to become a shopper and once you are approved you can start earning money.  You will need to install the app on your smart phone.

Click here for more information on Instacart


Across town. Across the country. Roadie delivers.  Roadie is an on-the-way delivery service that connects people who have stuff to send with drivers already heading that way. This also requires a app to be downloaded t your phone.  I f you travel  via automobile/van/tuck l etc.. there may be a way for you to earn some extra cash while you are traveling.

You may be traveling from New York to North Carolina and someone along your route (ex: Virginia) may need you topick up a lamp and drop it off to a location in North Carolina.  You will be paid for that delivery.

Click here for more information about Rodie


This app allows you to make money doing various gigs from retail auditing, secret shopping and other small gigs.  Everything is done through the app on your smartphone.

Click here for more information on Gigwalk

Gig Employment  Sites

These types of sites allow you to sign up for various types of gig jobs.  With some of these sites you can present the type of work that you are looking for or qualified to do.  Then employers can seek you out to perform the gigs that they have available, and then you get paid. You can work one of these gigs or as many as you possible can at one time.  It is totally up to you.


If you have skills you can pay th bills with Upwork.  Upwork is a  gig site that allows you to upload your profile/ information dertailing you skills and the types of gigs you would like to work on.

Below are a few of the the catogories that are listed on Upwork.

Click here for more information on Upwork


Fiverr is a place for freelancers to offer their services for hire.  There are a 100’s of skill-sets that are covered on this platform.  Here are some of the categories on the platform:

Graphics & Design

Digital Marketing

Writing & Translation

Video & Animation

Music & Audio

Programming & Tech


Fun & Lifestyle

I you have the skills you can list them on this platform with your rates etc… and buyers can contract with you to utilize skills/service.

Click here for more information on Fivvers

More Gig Sites are being created.

These are just a few of the gig opportunities that are out there on the internet right now.  As developers and entrepreneurs continue to collaborate and create there will be more opportunities to come.

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